Internal Investigation

Raytheon Co.


Will Hedberg


1. Internal company investigation into the murder of Raytheon CEO Richard Devaul.

2. After uncovering the murderer, Hedberg redacted much of the findings in his official report. Use all available information to uncover his secrets, and find the murderer.

The investigation of Robert DeVaul’s death began on February 3, 1943. This document is a summation of the information collected throughout the investigation as well as the answer to who committed the murder.

Page One.

The investigation began with careful analysis of suspect interrogations which determined that ---------- had enough access to Richard Devaul’s office to commit the murder, however it is unclear who all had access at ----------, the time of death. Further investigations did not yield an answer to this and as a result alternative forms of evidence must be discovered.

In order to find new connections to the murder, I began screening the police reports as well as any statements on the medical state of Robert DeVaul after his death. While police were unable identify the chemical used, irritation of the ---------- suggest that it was ___(autopsy. ingested)___ that day. Robert DeVaul experienced convulsions, flaccid paralysis, and miosis in his final moments. The unfamiliarity of this chemical leaves myself to believe it was created by Raytheon Technologies. This is pertinent to the case as ---------- had more access to the chemical processes at the company than alternative suspects. The manner in which Robert DeVaul received this chemical further implies the close relationship he had with his killer.

Page Two.

I now believe that the motives of each suspect are as following,

As people became suspicious of Alice having an affair with Robert DeVaul/selling company information to competitors, the risks of ruining her family reputation were too high. Getting rid of Robert DeVaul was the only escape from this predicament.

Many believe Theodore Tresler sought to sabotage Raytheon after it received a government contract to provide weapons preparing for the war, due to his ties to Germany.

Edwin’s underappreciated work ethic has caused him to become resentful towards Richard DeVaul.

Resentful of the cards life dealt, Simon was beginning to reach a breaking point. A future at Raytheon Technologies was not in the plan and the money from an inheritance could not arrive soon enough.

Constantly belittled by Robert DeVaul, William became tired of working under him. Known for his ruthless business tactics, Robert DeVaul was bound to be taken down by one of his altruistic employees.

Page Three.

Upon visiting the crime scene, I was able to find ____speech announcing new CEO____. Unbeknownst to the police, this item could induce rage in the hardworking employees of Raytheon Technologies. This leads myself to believe the killer may have found this item and it pushed them to murder.

So... Who Did It?

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Alice Roberts

Gather Evidence To Convict.